20 questions with: Benjamin Von Wong.

"I take photos that people think are photoshopped" This is how Benjamin Von Wong describes his work on Instagram and after taking a look at his image feed, I couldn't agree more. From majestic lava flows to vast underwater scenes, Benjamin has consistently produced awe inspiring images for a good cause, which is why he has always been an amazing inspiration to me and tons of other creatives worldwide. Photographing images like this clearly takes a lot of time, effort and planning but more importantly, loads of skill and talent. I was super privileged to get the opportunity to ask this engineer turned photographic genius a few questions, so read on if you would like to know more... THE INDUST

S.A Cocktail Week 2016

Do you love drinking cocktails? Are you in Cape Town this coming weekend? If you answered yes to these questions then listen up! SA Cocktail Week is an annual celebration of the dynamic South African cocktail scene and will be taking place from October 28th to November 6th 2016 for the first time in Cape Town. The finest lounges, restaurants, hotels and bars will be getting into the swing of things by offering discounted signature cocktails and hosting special events and parties. Cocktail enthusiasts will enjoy exclusively priced cocktails paired with delicious local eats. Rub shoulders with some of the best barmen and mixologists, visit pop-up bars and attend master-classes in the art of th

2016 Nikon Macro Photo Contest Winners.

Macro photography has always fascinated me. It reveals a world to us that we usually aren't familiar with by magnifying the unseen. Here are some of the best examples of 2016. Can you identify what are in these images? Head over here to see more and find out what exactly what they are. (via BoredPanda)

Comedy Wildlife Photography actually exists.

I know right? I didn't know that either. I thought that the only comedic animals were the colourful, animated ones brought to life in a Pixar studio. But wildlife can be funny. And there exists a genre of photography based on this that one can get awarded for apparently. Seeing is believing, so check out the examples below and the full article here...

Do you remember your first time?

It's difficult for me to now imagine a life without the internet. Without mobile phones and digital cameras. But there was a point during my youth when these things just didn't exist. Millennials will never know the feeling... I specifically remember my first encounter with a digital camera. It was during my "socializing phase" when most of my spare time on weekends was spent meeting friends at various bars and clubs. One of my mates had just returned from the U.K and had bought himself a digital camera. I had always loved technology and gadgets, so I asked him if I could test drive it over the course of the weekend. And because it was the weekend, there was only one place that I would be. S

Staying at: Clouds Estate.

It's not often that I get the chance to explore Stellenbosch. Sure, I've frequented the various well known wine farms and restaurants there (for important research purposes of course). But I had never really gotten the chance to discover what was on offer there when it came to luxury accommodation. I was therefore extremely glad and fortunate to stay over at this boutique hotel to see what I was missing out on. The staff were super friendly, the rooms were beautiful and I loved the unique decor that set it apart from the norm. They also have their own range of wines which I was more than happy to sample and product test (someone's got to do it right?) This visit certainly set the bar high a