How well do you know colour?

As a photographer and retoucher, I work with colour pretty much on a daily basis. Colour theory is a vast and extensive topic which I find extremely interesting and one thing has always fascinated me - how certain colours in imagery can convey specific feelings and evoke emotion. If you think you know colour well, take the test below. You may be surprised...

Making sense of stock.

Nowadays, the quality of photographs used for content and in the media can make or break you. Put awful images in your website's portfolio and you'll be considered an amateur. Use badly taken images to sell your product, and it'll be considered cheap and unreliable. So where then do people who don't have access to a photographer / camera turn when they need specific images for their content? Often they (not so legally) just grab and use something relevant from Google Images. But if they do the right thing, they purchase the photos from stock image libraries. I know a few photographers who have made a lucrative income by shooting quality images specifically for stock libraries and having work

This "blue" my mind...

I really loved the vibrant colours in this editorial that I retouched for Elegant Magazine. Thanks to photographer Luana Sam for the amazing pics and for choosing me to be her retoucher.

Being a photographer: The truth.

As a freelancer, many people think that I wake up late, have countless days off and work in my spare time. Which in reality is a lifestyle that most could only dream of. So I can certainly relate to the graphic below. It definitely made me think that the general public (myself included) often take so much of what happens behind the scenes, in the creative industry for granted. Most people will never know how much effort went into that ad campaign in that magazine that you just paged past. Or how much work went into producing that full length feature film whose credits we just ignore. Always remember - there's usually a lot more to these things than meets the eye.

The Hair Chronicles Vol. 1

When no amount of gel or spray can fix your bad hair day, there's only one thing for it... Photoshop. Retouching hair is a very slow and meticulous process. But as you can see, it clearly pays off in the end.