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Making sense of stock.

Nowadays, the quality of photographs used for content and in the media can make or break you. Put awful images in your website's portfolio and you'll be considered an amateur. Use badly taken images to sell your product, and it'll be considered cheap and unreliable.

So where then do people who don't have access to a photographer / camera turn when they need specific images for their content? Often they (not so legally) just grab and use something relevant from Google Images. But if they do the right thing, they purchase the photos from stock image libraries. I know a few photographers who have made a lucrative income by shooting quality images specifically for stock libraries and having worked in the industry myself, I can safely say that the pics can range from the magnificent, to the cheesy, to the downright absurd.

Here then are some examples from the latter category. Take a look at the full article here and just imagine what the end use of these images could possibly be...

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