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Reverie Social Table.

Reverie: A state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream.

The Reverie Social Table experience is exactly this. It is an event where people come together to sit at a table, eat, drink and be social. The perfect recipe for a great night in my books.

Upon arrival, we were presented with a glass of bubbly and had a quick chat with the lovely and talented chef Julia Hattingh. She did well in not giving any hints whatsoever as to what would follow as that element of surprise was exactly what the entire night was based on. You see, what the Reverie experience promises is to provide patrons with a five course meal, paired with five wines throughout the night. But just what those courses were, nobody knew.

Course after delicious course, we knew that we had done well to trust Chef Julia not to disappoint. If having an amazing dining experience with great company sounds like something you would enjoy (who wouldn't right?) then I suggest you make your reservation today.

{Some of my images were featured in an article for Flat White Magazine. Check out the article here...}

Find out more by visiting the Reverie website here.

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