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Staying at: Vindoux Guest Farm & Spa.

Previous to visiting Vindoux, I had never stayed in a tree house before. Sure, I had played in many as a child but staying in a tree lodge for a few days is a different experience altogether.

Vindoux offers a variety of luxury tree houses, self catering cottages as well as a deluxe tree lodge with its own private pool and braai area so there is a wide choice of where to stay. The lodge was spacious and we found ourselves wanting to spend every minute relaxing in it or by the pool. There is a variety of things to do in the area and what we enjoyed most was doing a bicycle tour of the various neighbouring wine farms. I have to say - I have enjoyed cycling throughout my youth and even as an adult. But cycling after a few wine tastings is once again, a different experience altogether.

Vindoux is certainly worth a visit and is the perfect getaway especially if you have not experienced something like this before.

{These images were shot by me for an article in Flat White Magazine. Check out the issue here...}

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