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Rocking the Daisies 2014

I've been to loads of festivals in my time. The combination of getting away from it all, spending time with friends and enjoying the music is something that is very appealing. I call it "Festival Life" and its very different to normal life. Partly because you end up living in a canvas structure rather than one made from brick and mortar. And showers become more of a luxury than a necessity.

This time around, I was particularly out of touch with the music scene and the friend that we went with fell ill whilst there. The event seemed quite disorganized too (although I'm probably the idiot for expecting any sort of organization at a festival) so it wasn't the greatest of experiences. Nevertheless, I had always wanted to attend this festival since first hearing about it so I'm glad I was able to tick it off my list.

{Some of my images were featured in an article for Flat White Magazine. Check out the article here...}

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