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Mystery wine tour.

I was fortunate enough to get invited to a mystery wine tour of the Swartland courtesy of Sideways and Zomato. We were not informed beforehand as to where we were going or what would happen, but were told that good food and wine would be involved. Which basically meant that I was in. I'm easily tempted and convinced that way. I suspect that if someone wanted to kidnap me, all they would have to do is place a good bottle of wine and a nice meal in the trunk of a car as a lure and I would willingly climb in.

The day started with a delicious breakfast at Gusto Cafe. From there we were whisked off to the wine farm of A.A Badenhorst where we got to meet the owner himself, discuss his wine and sample some of his wares.

From there, we got taken to an olive oil manufacturer for a tasting. Yes, you heard that right. Olive oil tasting. As you can imagine, everyone was a little hesitant to throw a mouthful of oil down their throats, but it was very interesting and not nearly as unpleasant as one would think.

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