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Exploring the Spice Route.

I take things at face value. I'm simple like that. So when my mates invited me to go with them to explore the Spice Route, I was initially not that keen. My first hand experience and interest in spices wasn't that vast. I usually just throw whatever sounds good into my meals. A bit of paprika here. Perhaps some thyme or coriander there. I've watched a fair amount of episodes on the food channel so my cooking usually comes out just fine.

Fortunately for me, the goods offered at the Spice Route had very little to do with, well, spices really. My expectations of chilli, basil and cumin were instead replaced with the reality of beer, burgers, coffee and wine. Even a chocolate pizza made an appearance at once point. This was more my kind of style. The highlight of my visit must have been the tasting at one of my favourite craft beer breweries - CBC. I would never decline an offering of an ice cold glass (or case) of their Amber Weiss. Just putting that out there... ;)

I will certainly return to this place to explore it further (ie. for more extensive and necessary beer research) and so should you.

{These images were shot by me for an article in Flat White Magazine. Check out the issue here...}

See what is on offer on the Spice Route website here...

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