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The Breneissance Reneissance.

For me, nothing pairs better with wine than cheese. And if that cheese happens to be melted and layered on top of a pizza, then all the better! This wonderful pairing of carbs and grapes was ultimately what drew me to this wine farm and restaurant. But after arriving, having a meeting with owners Tom & Hayley and taking a short tour, I found that it was so much more.

From the amazing venue and accommodation to the creation of the menu and the thought processes behind the wine-making it was evident that everything was meticulously planned. The meals served to us were delicious and I have returned several times since to sample these again (and also to purchase a few bottles of wine for my rack at home). My favourite choice is the actual wine and pizza pairing option as this enabled us to try the various wines and pizzas on offer in order to find our favourite(s).

Check out their site below for more details...

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