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The IPA Experience @ Darling Brewery.

If you know me (or if you've ever read my Twitter bio) you'll know that there are a few things in life that I really enjoy. Eating and drinking falls into that category. Which is a good thing seeing as we generally need to do those on a daily basis. But surely EVERYONE loves consuming good food and drink, right?

WRONG! I have actually encountered people who find such activities a chore and only do so in order to survive. This is something I cannot comprehend. I imagine these "people" to rather be lifeless androids, merely disguised as humans. I can't say for sure though. Whenever I encounter one, I run for the hills...

But I digress.

Upon arrival, we were given the grand tour of the brewery and a short insight into the beer making process. Thereafter, we learnt about optimal ways to post to social media and how to get the most out of photographing our food. Then came the tasty part - salmon bagels, pulled pork burgers, tacos, prawns and salads all paired with 4 different varieties of the brewery's Thunder Bird beer.

It was obvious that everyone had a great time while learning a few things in the process. Thanks to the organisers for arranging the transport, tasty treats, and tutoring. Looking forward to the next one!

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