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Up in the Air.

I thought I enjoyed travelling. The prospect of visiting and exploring new places will always be at the top of my list of favourite things to do. The one thing NOT on my list of favourite things to do however is the process of travelling. Sure, it's all exciting at the start. Checking in at the airport, boarding the plane, watching the in-flight movies, looking forward to the adventure that awaits when you land... that's all great for the first few hours. But once I realised that my trip to Australia would consist of a total of 28 such hours, in a tiny economy seat, with minimal leg room, turbulence and a demon child straight from hell in the seat next to me, it suddenly wasn't so great.

Nevertheless, I tried to make the best of a bad situation by doing what most people in this day and age do - I turned to my mobile phone for comfort. Travelling always offers such amazing opportunities to take photographs and that's exactly what I did. Snapping away with my phone, I managed to get a few images at the airport and during my flight. Seeing the landscape from this altitude allowed me to get a few images from an unusual perspective. I assumed that this was how Google Earth got their images of the planet. Then I realised that they probably used satellite imaging, instead of a disgruntled employee in a tiny economy class seat with a phone camera...

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